Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mother's Day

So...I finally posted again - keep moving down the page, I posted a bunch of different things!
Caden playing basketball with his great-grandpa.
Looking pretty with the present ribbon with Aunt Heather.
So excited!
I'm too sexy for my shirt......
Caden loves ice cream!

Adoption Walk

We had the opportunity to be a part of an adoption walk a couple of weeks ago. Cosmo the BYU Cougar was there which the boys were pretty excited about.
Collin with Cosmo.
Caden checking out Cosmo.
The boys ready to head home.

Pugsley Ranch

A month ago, Curtis and all of his siblings got together in Park Valley to do a bunch of work on their parents' home while they were away. Everyone worked super hard and we got quite a bit done while they were away. They were super surprised when they came home to all of the improvements! We did take some time out to play and ride some tractors while we were out!


Caden loves to help out Collin - sometimes it doesn't go as planned though!

Whitney and Shane's Wedding

Whitney, Caden's birthmother got married on Saturday . She asked Caden to be the ring boy at her wedding. Caden adores Whitney and her new husband, Shane, so he was excited to be a part of their day. He did so great! He wore an uncomfortable tuxedo with no complaints, smiled for all the pictures and people, walked the rings down the aisle and had a blast all day long. We love Shane and Whitney and felt so honored to be able to celebrate their day with them! Caden with his favorite buddy Shane.
Shane's brother-in-law brought this ball and chain to the reception for Shane to wear - Caden was fascinated with it.Looking hot in his tux before the wedding.
Giving Whitney a big kiss at the end of the reception.
He even got to wear a flower that he was pretty proud of.
Waiting for his turn to walk down the aisle.
Caden and Shane like to talk about motorcycles, so I told Caden that he was carrying very important motorcycle parts on the special pillow to Shane. After he gave Shane the pillow and walked back to me, he said quite loudly - "Shane fix motorcycle now Mommy?". Oops!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I guess I am not that great with updating my blog, so I decided to just post a couple of pictures of some of the activites that we have been up to - sorry! Caden enjoying the water show at the Gateway - he absolutely loved it!
Collin enoying the water show but without all the excitement!
Waiting for Uncle Phil and Oma at the Gateway and not looking too happy!

A trip to the zoo with the family and some of my girlfriends.
Thanksgiving Point Gardens with Robyn, Melissa, Kristin, Ava and Lincoln.
Laughing at the water fountain with Robyn and Lincoln.
Collin with one of his favorite buddies - the cat!
Practicing for the bob sled for the Winter Olympics. Rub a dub dub...four dirty kids in a tub!
Enjoying some messy cupcakes with Kailey.
Re-enacting a 50's diner moment at Training Table.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Battle Wound

Caden handed out his first official battle wound on Sunday to his best friend Kailey. They were playing on these banana chairs and Caden jumped up on one with Kailey standing directly behind it. When he jumped off, the chair slammed back right against Kailey's face giving her a bloody nose. He didn't realize what he had done, but I felt horrible!
Here is Kailey showing off her bloody nose. She was a really good sport about the whole thing and I think she actually ended up enjoying keeping the tissue in her nose. I feel like this is going to be the first of many battle wounds handed out by Caden! Help us all!